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About the Society

Co-Artistic Directors Maia Jasper White and Kevin Kumar


The Salastina Music Society enriches hearts and minds through world-class and educational chamber music. We serve the intellectual and artistic curiosity of audiences of all types.  New listeners, the classical cognoscenti, and everyone between enjoy a vital enrichment of spirit.

Our repertoire spans three centuries, with special priority given to premieres by living composers. Our roster comprises musicians drawn from Los Angeles’ saturated pool of talent. It includes opera stars, world-renowned soloists, chamber musicians, and principals of major symphony orchestras. Many of us earn our bread and butter recording for major motion pictures (like this one).

Chamber music is what we do for fun, and because we believe in it. And it shows.

Since 2010, Salastina has earned a national reputation for connecting audiences to classical music.  Audiences respond to Salastina’s warmth, immediacy, keen musical insight, and sense of social responsibility. Over two dozen Salastina performances have been broadcast to millions nationwide on Performance Today.

Salastina’s annual calendar includes concert programs, educational initiatives, recording projects, and other special events.

Our commitments:

Performing a world premiere with soprano Elizabeth Futral at our debut concert in 2010

• To discovery and new music.

Salastina advocates for beauty. All great music — from classic to not yet so — bears intrepid exploration. This is the guiding principle behind Masterpiece Discovery.

We champion music that has stood the test of centuries out of a firm belief in its value. So too do we advocate for the ever-evolving music of our time. We promote new music that doesn’t compromise on originality, sophistication, or accessibility. We seek neither to pander to nor to alienate the listener. We put our money where our mouth is, commissioning many extraordinary works.


16-year-old cellist Iona Batchelder at a soundcheck  in 2014

• To education.

Salastina performances feed the curiosity of listeners of all types inside the concert hall. We work with gifted young instrumentalists to prepare them for their place within it. Salastina musicians coach these young people from within the chamber group. This culminates in a performance alongside them.

Recently, we coached four young musicians through the seminal experience of studying, rehearsing, and performing a world premiere. (Several had never played a piece written after the 19th century.)

Post-concert ice cream reception

• To making meaningful connections with audiences.

If art is to make us feel more human, then arbitrary and outdated rules run deadly interference.

Go ahead and dress up for our concerts. That’s part of the fun! But please — don’t worry about when and how to clap. Expect a good, friendly time. Our approach ranges from deep reverence to irreverent humor.

Salastina artists don’t just sing and play beautifully. They also have a lot to say. Our artists share personal insight into their thoughts and experiences both during and after concerts.

We promote all kinds of extra-musical ways of enhancing the concert experience. From gourmet post-concert receptions to collaborations with celebrity comics, we think you will eat Salastina up. (Really.)