The Society

Co-Artistic Directors Maia Jasper and Kevin Kumar

Currently in its fifth season, the Salastina Music Society is an L.A.-based concert series dedicated to presenting world-class performances of chamber music. Since its founding, Salastina has earned a national reputation for bringing a fresh approach to the classical concert experience, resulting in innovative performances with broad audience appeal. To date, dozens of Salastina performances have been broadcast nationally on American Public Media’s Performance Today.

Hallmarks of the series include:

    • • Musical variety.

      Emotional and stylistic contrast between pieces brings a unique variety to our concerts. Drawing our selections from the Renaissance through the present, our programming also highlights the scope and continuity of the repertoire over time.

    • Performing with soprano Elizabeth Futral

      • A special emphasis on vocal chamber music.

      We perform often from the vast and seldom-heard repertory of chamber works that include singers. To date, we’ve commissioned two new works for voice and chamber ensemble, which were premiered by stars Rod Gilfry and Elizabeth Futral. (For more information about our world-premiere recording with Elizabeth, click here.)

      • • Illuminating communication from the stage.

        In keeping with the intimate spirit of chamber music, we deliver all of our program notes verbally from the stage. Our Masterpiece Discovery series, hosted by KUSC 91.5 FM’s Brian Lauritzen, is particularly enjoyed by audiences seeking a deeper understanding of the music being performed.

      • A standing ovation for composer Jeremy Cavaterra

        • Thoughtfully-chosen new music.

        We believe in furthering the ever-evolving music of our time, promoting tonal new music that doesn’t compromise on originality or sophistication. To get a taste for composer-in-residence Jeremy Cavaterra’s musical language, please click here.

      • Post-concert ice cream reception

        • A unique atmosphere of formality mixed with fun.

        We believe dressing up, soaking in some of the most masterful art ever created, and laughing out loud can all work hand-in-hand to make any special event just that – special! We promote extra-musical ways of enhancing the concert experience, from gourmet post-concert receptions to collaborations with celebrity comics. And in a break with tradition, our audience is encouraged to applaud freely, without worrying about whether or not it is the traditionally appropriate moment. (No ticket buyer should be implicitly required to temper his enthusiasm!) Lastly, we encourage tangible audience participation, from giving the audience the opportunity to vote on the encore selection to hosting intimate musical salons featuring the musically-inspired cuisine of highly regarded chefs.